AWWP Explorer

An iPhone application was just a part of this AT&T funded project. We also created a Drupal based web application that accompanies the iPhone application.

The idea was very simple... Visitors to the Amerson Water Works Park are given iPhones with our application installed. They can follow their movement on the device and see what landmarks are nearby. If there is a marker there, that means that someone used our web application to enter an article related to that landmark. Visitors can touch a marker and read an article.

Also there is another segment of the application, geared toward students and teachers. Teachers are able to use our web interface to create location based lesson plans and only their students will be able to see them.

All content can be filtered by particular interests.


, The BrainStormLab

Technologies used

  • Cocoa Touch / iPhone SDK
  • XCode
  • Interface Builder