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Person sleeps.

Eye-Opening Stats & Facts about Sleep

80 concise and vital stats and facts about sleep by “disturbmenot”.
satellite over the Earth

Developing an API for NASA

Although the amount and diversity of data available on the internet are immense, it’s often delivered in formats that are either impractical for use in applications, or completely foreign to partic…

My Top 10 Useful Links for iOS Development

We are starting a series of posts where #ByteoutPeople will share their favorite links and resources that they keep returning to while working.
How we made a mistake

Publishing on the App Store – Our Top 3 Mistakes

In case you ever wondered what it takes to develop an iOS application and publish it on the App Store, you can find some answers in this text. I am going to describe our process and what we learned…

Translating your ideas into the best quality code

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