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How we made a mistake

Publishing on the App Store – Our Top 3 Mistakes

In case you ever wondered what it takes to develop an iOS application and publish it on the App Store, you can find some answers in this text. I am going to describe our process and what we learned…
Phrase "alarm clock" translated into many languages

Localizing Your Apps – Things That No One Tells You

Localizing an app is advised by Apple. By doing it, you could reach potential users who don’t speak your (app’s) language. But, what does it really take to translate an app?
Starting a game using Siri

Making of Early – Getting Started with Siri Shortcuts

WWDC 2018: Siri Shortcuts are a powerful new feature in iOS 12 that allow your app to expose its functionalities to Siri. This enables Siri to suggest your shortcut at relevant times based on vario…
Preview of the Circles layout used in the Early app

Making of Early – Circles Layout

Continuing on the subject of the custom layouts, in this post I will explain how we arranged circular alarms on the main screen of Early Game Alarm by using UICollectionView and subclassing UIColle…

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