A web site can and should be much more than pretty pictures and text. Don’t be satisfied with template sites that just sit there and look pretty. Today we can Tweet, Post, Chat, Share, Vine, Upload and interact in so many ways, you can't possibly think people will use your site just cause it looks pretty? Surely you understand it needs to be smart above all else, and that is done through functionality. The more fluid and unique that functionality is the smarter your site will look. Only custom programming can make your ideas interactive and custom programming is what we do best.

We all have a great passion for programming, which you will notice right away, where code is not finished until it both functions correctly and feels right. We specialize in producing SOLUTIONS to your specific needs. what you have to say carefully and then we code it effectively.

Besides real passion we also bring tried-and-true best practices to our development work: strict planning, always developing for performance, structured development in the form of frameworks and design patterns, etc.


Matt Martin (www.nextpharma.com.au) said:

An absolute pleasure to work with. Goes way beyond what is expected. Great flare for design with accompanying technical expertise. Highly recommend!

Michael Mersiades (Study Buddy) said:

Thank you very much for the work you've been putting in for the last few weeks. About 200 high school students and 10 teachers have been using Study Buddy for a week now. We've…

Harold Hampton (www.migrationarts.com) said:

Let me echo what Dick just posted. You guys have not only launched a very cool site for us over the past weeks, but you slugged through some real messy crap through the entire launch…

Anthony Russo said:

U are to me as what Tesla was to science!!!!!!!!

David Natiuk said:

The group from Byteout did a great job setting up and configuring the OS Commerce shopping cart system. They also provided me with help and programming changes in getting up and…

Contemporary Design said:

I would highly recommend the guys from Byteout. They are really experts at what they do. They were promptly responding to my emails and phone calls and the quality of the finished…

Robert Hand said:

Misha completed the task in only 2 hours. Emailed me when the work was finished and even did more work when an unexpected problem came up. Did the work fast and completely. Looks…

Contemporary Design said:

Met my budget and my deadline. You can pick this team, they do great work.

Laryan said:

Working with Marjan was a pleasure. I wish all programmers were as understanding and flexible. As the project progressed and I asked for adjustments in the code, those were addressed…

AVX Reservations said:

Misha gave me many options and explained them all before starting. I learned and enjoyed working with him. Would not hesitate to use him again.

Aaron Higgins said:

Everything is coming together wonderfully. All of my ideas are made into usable forms and pages, just what I wanted from a programmer!

Ali Rizvi said:

Thank you Misha for your tremendous effort!! I really appreciate it. I have a new name for you... "Reality Maker" (for helping me turn my dreams into reality).

AVX Reservations said:

Misha is a magician with data base scripts. Don't know how he does it, amazing!

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