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Follow our work or join us on the way of bringing our mutual ideas to life. We like experimenting in the process of coding, discovering new opportunities and leading our team in conquering them.

Over the years, we’ve developed over 50 products. PHP, Drupal and Symfony together with MySQL are our main allies when it comes to web development. We are constantly improving ourselves and adding new knowledge to our toolbox.

Objective C

Early Game Alarm

Early game alarm is our first product on the market. It is an iOS alarm clock application. We added some all-time favorite games to shake you up first thing in the morning. As you’re playing your alarm will get less noisy, but you still have to win to turn it off. Specially designed for heavy sleepers.

Screenshots of Early Game Alarm: example of a game and preview of the home screen with alarms.


We are working on a new food ordering app that will help teams easily organize lunch delivery. Our wish is to save users some planning and decision making time. When the lunch time comes, all you have to do is walk to the kitchen. Feel free to contact us if you want to hear more and become one of the loyalty users.

OfficeBite screenshot that displays daily menu with options for ordering.

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