When I'm not feeling like typing, when something's too hard to express with words, when I'm too excited for words, when words are just not enough, I use Viber - because Viber's got stickers for everything.

This year, Apple gave us a possibility not just to use stickers in the iMessage app, but to also (using Messages framework) participate in creating them. If you don’t already know how to use stickers in iMessage, I recommend reading this post.

So, as soon as Apple announced this feature, ideas started springing up around our offices and the most creative of Byteouters finally came up with a bunch of cool stickers.

Before we launched our apps we did a lot of market research. Ok... to be totally honest, not all the research was on purpose… Sometimes we just enjoyed browsing through the App store, testing cool apps and sending each other fun stickers. Along the way, we noticed that our favorite stickers usually fit into (at least) one of these groups:

  • they were artistic and beautifully designed,
  • they looked great when placed on top of another message, or
  • they sent a clear message (they were worth a thousand words).

So, here’s a list of our favorite stickers, classified into these groups.


“Say it with a sticker”



  • Minions Movie Stickers - despicably adorable, and you really don’t need any additional words with these stickers to explain what you mean.


  • Nounji - from our favorite icon source - thenounproject. This app offers tons of simple, stylish stickers that can be used to say literally anything. You can easily search for the appropriate sticker and even paint it in different colors.


Pretty & Artistic

  • WWF Origami - my personal favorite, because of the amazing iOS app it is connected with - WWF Together, that addresses wildlife conservation issues. Send a sticker, share the good cause.



  • Watercolor Winter - this is another beautiful sticker pack that makes planning holiday parties so much prettier.


Added on

  • Point out - ‘Cause sometimes you just have to point something out and draw someone a picture to show what you mean. Comes with the iOS app.



  • Super Mario Run - one of the first I installed, and still like using. Besides being nicely designed, with the cute main character, it lets you transform people in your photos into Mario, by adding moustache or a cap.


  • Elf U Christmas Stickers - great choice of hats, caps, elf ears, etc., to decorate your photos in this holiday season.



And, here is what we prepared you for the holidays:

  • Scary Bird Halloween Stickers - I know this seems like old news, because Halloween has passed, but they’re still cute, and you can use them next year! Early bird, our official Early Game Alarm mascot, dressed up to look scary and went trick-or-treating.


  • Hello Winter Stickers Pack - lets you spread Christmas spirit among your friends and family, express your feelings, enjoy and share all the wonderful holiday moments; and for us Christmas came early this year when we heard that this sticker pack got featured on App Store.



Hope you’ll find this short list useful and find something you like. What do you think? Did we leave something out? Please, comment below about your favorite sticker packs.