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For almost as long as we can remember, Apple has always released their new version of iOS in September each year alongside their new flagship handsets. Without a doubt, when it comes to tech events, the Worldwide Developers Conference is one the biggest and eagerly anticipated. Ahead of the rumored iPhone 8, Apple has sent out invitations for the 2017 WWDC that will take place on June 5 to 9.

Developers will be keen to find out the upgraded and new features of the iOS 11 and how they will be able to maximize them for their apps.

In this post, we will highlight the top rumored features of the iOS 11 to help you update your apps accordingly. Read on below and take down some notes.

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1. FaceTime with Group video chat

There are so many reasons to love Apple devices, especially for businesses, as the company was reported to be working on a group video chat functionality for FaceTime. It was Egypt-based The Verifier who initially claimed that the multi-user messaging feature will appear on the next Apple mobile OS and it will support up to five participants in a single chatbox.

This functionality has been a long-standing iPhone and iPad user request. In fact, the group video chat feature will make Apple even more competitive as it has been a common feature on other communication apps, such as Skype. Since its debut in 2010, FaceTime has been limited to one-to-one communication – it’s about time they finally made this improvement.

2. More humanized Siri

The tech world is now drawing their attention towards Artificial Intelligence and Apple will make sure they are leading the charge. The company was reported to be working on Siri to give it more human-like features than ever before. Sam Shead wrote in the Business Insider that Apple has a secret ‘Siri’ laboratory in Cambridge that is upgrading the virtual assistant to make it sound more human and natural.

Industry experts foresee that it will be going against Samsung’s smart AI. In a post about the Galaxy S8, O2 said that Bixby works as a personal assistant and information service that comes with a range of different features, including understanding natural languages. The VA can listen to the voice, interpret information, and return with the desired action. This particular feature could appear on the new Siri as the 10.3 update gave the Apple AI major improvements – support pay and checking bills via payment apps, schedule a ride through booking apps, and access to the functions of car maker’s apps.

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3. No more updates for iPhone 5 and 5C

There will be changes in the list of compatible apps for the new iOS, compared to the current version of the mobile OS. Devices that support 64-bit apps will be the only ones compatible with the iOS 11. Therefore, the iPhone 5 and 5C, which are both running a 32-bit processing chip, won’t make the cut. In fact, even the 64-bit processing iPad Air 2 won’t be compatible with the new update. So, what devices are compatible with the iOS 11?

• iPhone 5s, SE, and higher model

• iPad Mini 3 and higher model

• iPod Touch 6th-generation

If you think jailbreaking your device will make it compatible with the update, then think again. The iOS 10.3 update has addressed this problem and said that it will “break any jailbroken devices.” So, if you value your device and don’t want it to be unsecure, then steer clear.

4. Bye, bye 32-bit apps

As iOS 11 moves towards 64-bit apps, it will be getting rid of 32-bit apps forever. After years of encouraging app developers to update, Apple will finally reinforce a stricter rule that will prevent them and their users from installing such apps. Users of iOS 10 beta versions already experienced the warning when a note prompted them upon installing 32-bit apps (Official Note: This app will not work with the future version of iOS).

So far, almost 200,000 apps could be rendered useless on iOS 11, according to Sensor Tower. The app analytics firm revealed that 8 percent of all apps on the App Store still support 32-bit. Apple has started removing 47,000 apps last fall, and it will continue before September comes around.

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5. Apple Pay’s peer-to-peer

One of the most intriguing rumors about the iOS 11 is that it will enable users to make peer-to-peer payments via Apple Pay. The tech firm was reported to be developing a money-transfer service, dubbed ‘Apple Cash,’ that will compete against services like Venmo. This feature will allow iPhone and iPad owners to easily send money digitally.

Recode interviewed multiple sources familiar with the talks and claimed that Apple is also planning to create their own prepaid card with Visa. Industry experts suggest that it will eliminate the need to enter card information, shipping addresses, etc. on websites and apps that can be cumbersome tasks on a small screen. In the same article, it revealed that Apple won’t be charging consumers to use the service, unlike the 15 percent charge on Apple Pay credit card transactions. The only way the company will make money from the P2P feature is if the consumer uses the Apple-Visa debit card tied to the account. However, the ideas don’t sit well with some banks as they also sell their own prepaid cards.

Other functionalities to expect on the iOS 11:

• Share screen via iMessage and/or FaceTime

• Built-in video-sharing app

• Social features in the Contacts app

• Continuity for Apple Music, Podcasts, or iTunes

• Voicemail transcription improvements

• Multiple users or Guest mode

• FaceTime Audio as default calling method

As we draw closer to the WWDC keynote event, we can only imagine that an influx of the rumored features for the iOS 11 will start coming sooner rather than later. September will be a very busy month for Apple with the launch of their new mobile software alongside at least two new smartphones in time for iPhone’s 10th-year celebration. While the list of features could always change before the public launch of the iOS 11 in June, it’s ideal to consider the aforementioned new features when developing apps.

Exclusively written for Byteout

by JTechTalks