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Wake up early

Why on Earth Would You Want to Wake up Early?

Be honest, how many times have you hit snooze this morning? Have you crawled from your bed to the bathroom, avoiding mirrors on the way? Have you then crawled to the kitchen for a cup of life-saving elixir called coffee? Have you finally screamed in panic seeing the time, put on the first items of clothing you could identify, and run to work or a meeting with no hope of getting there in time?

If yes, you kind of get the idea of morning rituals, kind of… There’s some quiet time for you while crawling around your house. Then there’s your morning coffee, of course, never mind the unidentified receptacle it’s in. There’s that morning boost of energy that you get from being incredibly late. And finally there’s exercise – you ran all the way to work!

Well, nobody said mornings are easy, but what if we tell you a few good reasons to wake up early tomorrow.


Wake up on time to make your dreams come true. 

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Have Breakfast

You shouldn’t skip breakfast, you know that. You’ll be starving in no time and you’ll devour any snack, healthy or not, that comes your way, and then you’ll eat more than you need for lunch. If you wake up earlier, you’ll have time to sit comfortably, finish your breakfast, and have coffee in peace and quiet.


Working out is one of the bigger tasks on your to-do list. Completing it early gives you better motivation to tackle the rest. If you delay your exercise for later in the day, you’ll be more likely to skip it due to some other obligations. Also working out in the morning will jump-start your metabolism and you’ll get the boost of energy that’ll last the whole day.


Either you run the day or the day runs you. ??? 

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Your mind is most creative immediately after waking up when your brain is not fully awake, and you have some time to roam around the realms of subconsciousness. This makes mornings the best time for creative work and brainstorming ideas. Also, waking up early provides enough time to think over the previous day and make plans and set goals for the day that awaits you.


The past cannot be changed, but the future is yet in your power. ? 

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You’ll probably be surprised seeing the empty streets or finding a place to sit on a train or a bus. Just imagine how many people are going to rush those same streets in no time, but you’ve got a head start on the rest of the world. Or maybe you have just enough time to walk to your destination, and instead of the sounds of traffic, listen to the bird song.


Exposure to sunlight, especially earlier in the day, suppresses the production of melatonin, a hormone that signals your body it’s time to sleep. Earlier you wake up, more natural light you get. As soon as you get up, let in as much light and air as you can. Also try to get more natural light during the day – have lunch outside, or walk to work and home. You’ll end up sleeping better and be ready for another early and productive morning.


Don’t miss the chance to wake up early and do amazing things! 

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Morning is the most productive and beautiful time of the day, so do yourself a favor and use the most of it. Your body and mind will be grateful and the world will seem a happier place, we promise. Good mood, positive thoughts, and inspiration are guaranteed, all you really have to do is wake up early tomorrow.

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