Yes, we told you a few good reasons why you should wake up early; and yes, we name dropped a few awesome and successful people who wake up early. But now we’ll give out a great little secret about how to make your days even better by creating a tiny and quick morning habit. It’s very easy: MAKE YOUR BED!

blue sheets and bedside table with snake plant

And you might ask why. We know, we know - it’s boring and seems pointless since you’ll come back to your bed at night and mess it up again anyway, and during the day you don’t even need it or see it. So, again, why? Well -because- we tell you, and this is why you should trust us:

  • Making your bed will be your first accomplishment of the day, the first task you’ve successfully finished.

  • It takes up a minimal amount of time, a few minutes at most. You’re not a hotel maid, just pull up the covers.

  • It’s a keystone habit, a tiny thing to do every day that can motivate you to create even more good habits.

  • Your bedroom will look much better with the bed made even if it’s a complete mess otherwise.

  • It will make you feel good. Even if you have the worst day, coming home to a tidy room and snuggling up in your bed will make everything better.

  • Finally, because an admiral told you so!


The main takeaway from all this is that you’ll feel much better, but there are a few more things we’d like to tell you. Now we aren’t your mother and it is your bed, but may we offer some advice on the How? and When? of making your bed? You can thank us later.

girl sleeping in bed

  • First, decide on the time. You can do it immediately after getting up, or you can give yourself a deadline - like before going to the bathroom, after you’ve brushed your teeth or got dressed, before breakfast or coffee.
  • As we’ve mentioned your bedroom is not a hotel room. You can simply pull up your covers and fluff your pillows. But you can certainly make it look like a hotel bed if you wish. Or maybe you actually want to make your bed like a real soldier.

  • Don’t break the habit. Commit to making your bed every morning for at least a week, then try to make it to two weeks, then a month. Don’t break the chain. But even if you do skip a day just don’t give up.

  • If you share a bed, share the task. You make your half and your significant other can make theirs.

man with glasses reading

All in all, it’s one tiny habit that will make your whole day. It’s just your bed, it’s quick, it’s easy, just do it. You’ll feel better and your living space will look better. Finally, use it as an opportunity to build bigger habits on it.

Now tell us more. Do you make your bed in the morning? Do you have any special tips and tricks to share? We are happy to hear some new ideas!