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Can mobile shopping apps increase your sales?

Pet happiness and owner satisfaction go hand in hand. In modern digital age, pet ownership is not always a walk in the park, so a pet shop that fits everyone’s pocket allows dog owners, cat sitters, and other pet lovers to gather around a shared passion and help them be better for their little friends. Here’s why native apps are becoming predominant in our environment.

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pet shop interesting statistics for commerce
Pet shop interesting statistics for commerce mobile

Never forget to remember!

Petshop notifications reminder

“Woof” notifications will always remind customers when it’s time for refilling their pet supplies, whether it’s food, medication, or toys. By helping pets remind owners of their responsibilities, you differentiate yourself from the competition, positioning your brand on customers’ top of mind when they need your products and services. In addition, push messages are proven to boost app engagement by 88%.

Petshop notifications reminder
Petshop multiplatform experience

Cover every point in the shopping journey

Petshop multiplatform experience

Omnichannel customer experience treats each media channel as a whole, so your business can support customers at every touchpoint, which is the first step for swiftly reaching a maximum ROI (Return Of Investment). Create a seamless experience across all channels customers use to engage with your brand, and beat competitors on the customer experience battleground.

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Gamify your app with our technology

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Our Omnishop technology provides you with top mobile commerce technology. Easy to use, quick to test and one click away

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