Product Workshops

The development plan for high-quality & efficient software.

Years of experience showed us that careful planning and a thorough understanding of the client’s business and ideas is one of the keys to a successful digital product. That’s why we’ve developed product workshops for our clients. 

Our multidisciplinary team of developers and designers will spend time with your product team to better understand your goals, figure out the best solutions, and create a production plan that’s best aligned with your business strategy. 

Our job is to help you translate your idea into software, so together we will list and prioritize the features and create a roadmap for successful development. Investing a little time in an optimized and structured workshop will make the timeline and budget planning for your project painless in the long run.


All the workshops are planned according to the needs of the client and project. The logistics are very simple, we can work together over Zoom, Skype, Meet, or any channel you prefer. We can also work on-site if necessary.


Our production team is responsible for organizing the workshop.

1. Production team

We will provide the facilitator for the workshop, and senior members of the development and design teams. 

2. Stakeholders

You should include team members who are well familiar with the product’s idea and will be included in the execution of the project.

The presence of the senior members of production teams and stakeholders responsible for the product’s vision ensures that all the features and planning are realistic. 

The output

… of the workshop depends on the type of project and topics we cover. What’s sure is that we will create a detailed and streamlined production plan, and you’ll have a production team with a deep insight into the project’s goals and expectations.

Translating your ideas into the best quality code

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