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Website accessibility is about giving all users equal access to information and services online. We believe it’s super important that the web is a place where everyone can find what they need. We’ve learned a lot about making sites more accessible, and we’re sharing everything with you through our blog: here, you’ll find helpful tips, the latest news, and the best ways to make your website welcoming to everyone.

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Ecommerce: How to make a website accessible

The digital marketplace has never been busier, and competition is very tough. But the one factor that can significantly differentiate your ecommerce store is – website accessibility.  It…
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The future of website accessibility

Website accessibility continues to evolve as technology advances and new challenges emerge. The future of website accessibility holds promising advancements driven by technological innovations and …
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The importance of website accessibility: Enhancing user experience

In today’s digital age, websites serve as gateways to information, products, and services. But it’s important to recognize that not all users have the same abilities or disabilities. We…
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How to Build More Accessible Apps for Android

Here are some tips and tricks, and good practices on how to make your Android app more accessible. Remember, users first.
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Accessibility in Mobile Apps – Basic principles to follow

The World Health Organization estimates that 15% of the world’s population (more than 1 billion people) have an accessibility need. That is a lot of potential customers to lose when a few small cha…

How We Made Cut Expenses Lite More Accessible

One major idea of this post (besides bragging about new redesign of our Cut Expenses app) is to share my experience, my “learning curve” with the rest of you who are interested in what could be don…
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