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Shop migration: The ecommerce replatforming consultant

Ecommerce shop migration is often necessary to stay ahead of the competition, in one word called – replatforming. But what does the ecommerce replatforming consultant do, when exactly do you need one, and do you really need one? Let’s find out.

Why consider shop migration

Ecommerce owners usually migrate to platforms like Shopify, Magento, WooCommerce, and BigCommerce for different reasons specific to their business needs.

Some businesses might switch to Shopify for its simplicity, while others might switch from Shopify to WooCommerce for more customization options. The decision to migrate depends on many different factors for every business.

Before answering the question when you need an ecommerce replatforming consultant, it’s good to understand why shop migration is an important decision. Your current platform might struggle to keep up with increased traffic, more extensive product catalogs, or advanced features as your business grows. Here’s how replatforming can help your business.

  • A new platform can handle higher traffic and provide faster load times, improving the overall user experience.
  • Better navigation, updated design, and more features can make your site more attractive and easier to use.
  • Modern platforms support advanced tools and technologies, enabling you to offer a better shopping experience.
  • A scalable platform grows with your business, accommodating more products and customers without compromising performance.
  • Offering the latest ecommerce features can help you stay in the game.

Which reason do you find most important?

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Signs you need an ecommerce replatforming consultant

Now that we know why shop migration is important, let’s look at the specific signs indicating that you need an ecommerce replatforming consultant.

  • If your website frequently crashes, experiences slow load times, or can’t handle high traffic volumes, it’s a clear sign that your current platform is struggling. An ecommerce replatforming consultant can assess these issues and recommend a better solution for your needs.
  • As your business expands, you need a platform that grows with you. If your current system can’t support your scaling needs or future integrations, it’s time to consider replatforming. A consultant will help you choose a platform to handle your increasing demands without compromising performance.
  • Maintaining an outdated or poorly performing platform can be costly. Frequent fixes, updates, and security patches can add up. An ecommerce replatforming consultant can help you transition to a more cost-effective platform that reduces maintenance costs and improves overall efficiency.

    What exactly is the role of an ecommerce replatforming consultant

    An ecommerce replatforming consultant brings a wealth of knowledge and experience to the table. They know all the functionalities of different ecommerce platforms and can provide tailored solutions that meet your business’s unique needs. They can help in:

    Assessment and planning. Consultants do a thorough assessment of your current platform, identifying pain points and areas for improvement. They then develop a detailed replatforming plan, outlining the steps needed for a successful migration.

    Platform selection. With so many ecommerce platforms available, choosing the right one can be overwhelming. A consultant helps you evaluate options based on your specific requirements, ensuring you select a platform that aligns with your business goals.

    Replatforming consultants are usually from the software development industry or know a lot about it, but the technical part does the ecommerce agency. At ours, the team that does the migration deeply understands the whole process, so we like to consult our clients on all matters. 

    Schedule a consultation 👉 here.


    Shop migration is a significant step that can bring your ecommerce business to new heights. Remember that you should choose the right platform from the beginning, but if you need migration at any phase, it’s not a scary task.

    However, it requires careful planning and execution to avoid potential pitfalls. This is where an ecommerce replatforming consultant comes in. By assessing your current platform, recommending the best solutions, and ensuring a well-planned migration, they help you achieve a successful transition. 

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