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Blog cover image that features the text "What does Magento to Shopify migration look like?" Above the text, there are two logos, Magento and the Shopify, and in the right corner there is a Byteout logo, a Shopify experts agency. Between Magento and Shopify logos there is an arrow indicating the migration process from one platform to the other.

What does Magento to Shopify migration look like?

Magento and Shopify are known as two titans in the ecommerce platform world, each with its strengths and user base. Shopify is currently the most used ecommerce platform and that’s why many M…
The image is a blog cover image with text "How to launch a Shopify store in 2024" with "general steps" written underneath. There is a crumpled paper texture in the background. On the bottom right, there's a green shopping bag with the Shopify logo on it and on the bottom left there is the Byteout logo.

How to launch a Shopify store in 2024 – general steps

If you’re thinking about how to launch a Shopify store, you need to know that it requires careful attention to a range of technical details and configurations. Shopify is currently the best e…
Word "discovery" emphasized.

The Art of Product Discovery: Unveiling the Path to Innovation 

Can skyscrapers stand without firm foundations underneath them?  No. Neither can apps succeed without a thorough product discovery. Years of experience showed us that careful planning and a th…
Cover photo for the blog post The Future of Website Accessibility

The future of website accessibility

Website accessibility continues to evolve as technology advances and new challenges emerge. The future of website accessibility holds promising advancements driven by technological innovations and …
Featured image for blog post about website accessibility.

The importance of website accessibility: Enhancing user experience

In today’s digital age, websites serve as gateways to information, products, and services. But it’s important to recognize that not all users have the same abilities or disabilities. We…

Why is ecommerce order tracking critical for omnichannel success?

Do you want to succeed in omnichannel commerce? If yes, you should consider the critical role of eCommerce order tracking. Order tracking is one of the important components of a seamless shopping e…
Abandoned Cart SMS Notifications - Cover Photo

Abandoned Cart SMS Notifications: a way to recover sales

In the world of e-commerce, abandoned shopping carts are a common challenge that businesses face. Customers often add items to their carts but fail to complete the purchase. This can result in lost…
closeup of woman's hands holding a mobile phone

OmniShop – Native Mobile Apps for E-commerce

Here is how having a mobile app besides an optimized website for your shop can have a positive effect on your brand and business.
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