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How to Adjust to Daylight Savings Time

What’s daylight savings time, what can we do to adjust our body clocks to it, and how it affects our daily life?
Make Your Bed

Why, Oh, Why Should I Make My Bed in the Morning?

We’ll give out a great little secret about how to make your days even better by creating a tiny and quick morning habit.
sleeping coala

Playing Games to Wake up From a Night Owl’s Perspective

What it takes to wake up a hardcore night owl. Coffe? No, keep guessing…

New Year’s Celebration Around the World

From menus and outfits to entertainment and even some superstitions, we looked all around the world and made up a list for planning an ultimate New Year’s party.
Landscape covered with snow is in the background, and a bunch of Christmas stickers is on top.

Best iMessage Stickers for 2016

Before we launched our sticker packs for iMessage we did a lot of market research. Well… not all the research was on purpose… Sometimes we just enjoyed browsing through the App store, testing…
hackathon gorilla

Kako preživeti hakaton

Dragi hakatonci, čestitamo! Prihvatili ste izazov da za 24 sata rešite naš zadatak. Biće to vikend u kome ćete doživeti jedinstveno iskustvo, test za vašu izdržljivost i znanje. Naučićete dosta nov…

How WWDC Feedback Helped Us Improve Our App

There are times when you cannot see the forest for the tree, and there are times that happens with your design. Even if you’re aware something doesn’t look perfect, being too deep into matter makes…

Sleeping Disorders That Will Make Your Skin Crawl This Halloween

This Halloween we decided to keep you awake with some real-life spooky stories. For most people sleep is a peaceful time for rest and recuperation, but for some going to sleep is like the beginning…

Fun Facts About Sleep That Won’t Keep You up at Night

Have you ever wondered how much time do we spend sleeping during our lifetime? Did you know that John Lennon had an… mmm, interesting sleeping habit?
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