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Blog cover image comparing ClickFunnels and Shopify for e-commerce. The text reads, "ClickFunnels vs Shopify: Which is better for ecommerce?" in bold black and blue letters. On the right side, there is an image of a thoughtful young woman with short brown hair, wearing a yellow shirt and holding a pink smartphone, looking slightly to the side. The bottom left corner features the logo and name "byteout" in black and blue. The background is predominantly white with a blue curved design element on the right side.

ClickFunnels vs Shopify: Which is better for ecommerce?

On which ecommerce platform should you begin your ecommerce journey? With so many options available, deciding which one best fits your needs can be challenging. But, don’t worry! When you figure th…
Image showing two professionals discussing over a tablet with digital wireframes and mobile devices on the table, with text overlay stating 'Shopify theme development services'. This represents a collaborative process in enhancing a Shopify store's design and functionality.

Shopify theme development services: More than aesthetics

Launching an online store? Nice! Did you decide to build it with Shopify? It’s a good decision! You need to know that your website’s design is your first interaction with customers. So make it good…
Cover image for a blog post: Web Accessibility Companies: Bridging the Gap in Digital Equality. In the bottom left corner there is the Byteout logo followed by an illustration of companies.

Web accessibility companies: Bridging the gap in digital equality

Everyone needs to have equal access to online resources – our lives are on the internet, so it’s more important than ever.  For ecommerce businesses, this means making your website acces…
Cover photo for a blog post 'Why your business needs a website accessibility audit' over colorful abstract shapes. A laptop displaying 'Time for Review' sits next to a plant, with the Byteout logo at the bottom left.

Why your business needs a website accessibility audit

Ecommerce websites need to be fully accessible. The end. But remember that a website accessibility audit is also important for increasing your reach, safeguarding against potential legal issues, an…
Blog cover image for Shopify maintenance services featuring a large gear symbol with a wrench and a protective hand, emphasizing the support and care provided in maintaining a Shopify store. The logo of Byteout is displayed at the bottom.

What do Shopify maintenance services include and do you need them?

Running a successful Shopify store demands ongoing attention and maintenance to ensure smooth operation, security, and adaptation to customer needs and technological advancements. Of course, this h…
Cover image for a blog post about Shopify vs Volusion. Illustration comparing Shopify and Volusion ecommerce platforms, highlighting the logos of both platforms and the Byteout.

Shopify vs Volusion: Which platform is best for your business?

Choosing the right ecommerce platform is key to the success of your online store. Let’s compare Shopify vs Volusion to see which best suits your business. More about Shopify Shopify is a leading ec…
Cover image for a blog post titled 'Shopify SEO services - cost and value' with a descending bar chart, representing the analysis of costs and benefits associated with Shopify SEO services, followed by Byteout logo.

Cost and value of Shopify SEO services

Are you exploring Shopify SEO services? What does it really mean for your business? Let’s break down the costs and value of these services, shedding light on is investing in Shopify SEO services is…
Cover image for a blog post: How to get a website accessibility statement followed by Byteout logo and illustration of visually impaired person using the web.

How to get a website accessibility statement

Website accessibility means all users, including those with disabilities, can effortlessly navigate, interact with, and shop on your site. A key component of this is having a website accessibility …
Cover image for a blog post about how Sorella Apothecary succeeded in online shopping world. Their product is on a creamy background followed by their logo.

Case Study: How Sorella Apothecary became a renowned cosmetic brand with (almost) ZERO money spent on ads

Working in the health and beauty industry and competing with thousands of competitors isn’t easy. I know that firsthand; I got out of that wagon running and screaming. But some people really know w…
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