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Is Shopify legit for large enterprises?

Choosing an ecommerce platform when you’re running a large business is a big decision since it’s about choosing a partner that can support your business as it grows. With Shopify, the question isn’t “Is Shopify legit?” but “Can it meet the complex needs of my enterprise?”

As a decision-maker, you need to consider how Shopify aligns with your business’s tech requirements, scalability, and long-term strategy. Shopify’s reputation as a solid platform for smaller businesses is well-known, but can it also handle the demands of larger operations?

The short answer? Absolutely. But let’s break down why Shopify isn’t just for small businesses.

Let’s clear the ‘is Shopify legit’ debate

Many people ask if Shopify is legit, and let’s clear this out. Shopify stands out as one of the most legitimate ecommerce platforms available today. Millions of merchants, from small entrepreneurs to large companies, rely on Shopify for their online stores. This widespread use is a testament to its legitimacy. Shopify provides a secure, user-friendly platform with full support and the infrastructure designed to make online shopping safe and efficient.

Built to support your growth

Shopify is recognized as a top choice for entrepreneurs looking to set up their online stores, but it’s not a static, one-plan-fits-all kind of platform. It’s more dynamic than that, designed to adapt and grow with your business. From the small startup to the large enterprise business, Shopify offers a variety of plans, just like shown in the image below.

The image displays Shopify's pricing plans for 2024, with four tiers: "Basic" at $32/month, "Shopify" at $92/month, "Advanced" at $399/month, and "Plus" starting at $2,300/month. Each plan details features.

Shopify Plus, for example, is the Shopify plan with all the features built to handle the demands of a growing enterprise. It manages high traffic and sales volumes amazingly—even during the busiest shopping days.

For ecommerce, security is a major consideration, especially for businesses that handle a lot of customer data. Shopify steps up to this challenge, offering strong security measures, including Level 1 PCI DSS compliance. This means your data and your customer’s information are protected to the highest standards.

The Shopify App Store is another great feature that supports businesses of all sizes. It’s filled with apps that can help you with everything from analyzing your sales data to crafting your next big marketing campaign.

And when it comes to cost, Shopify offers competitive pricing across its plans. The value you receive, particularly with Shopify Plus, goes beyond the number on the price tag. It’s an investment in a service that’s ready to support and grow your business, offering tools and features that justify the cost.

So, is Shopify legit for large enterprises?

With thousands of successful big brands calling Shopify home, the platform is a leader among ecommerce platforms. It’s seen businesses through from their first sale to their millionth. It feels like Shopify’s defining the rules.

Ready to take your enterprise to new heights with Shopify? Dive in, the water’s fine. Check out our Shopify expert services.

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