E-commerce Call To Action

Call to action (CTA) is a marketing term for any element, usually a button, that engages visitors to take immediate action. Call to action tells visitors what to do, where they should click, and what to purchase. There’s no definitive solution on which button, phrase, design, or size works best, so testing and enhancing the call to action is vital for increasing e-commerce sales.

How to create an engaging Call To Action in e-commerce #

The online store should be clear and transparent to engage customers into a shopping mood. In order to boost e-commerce sales, certain elements should attract the most attention, the message should be clear, and the products should act as a “great deal.”

In most cases, doubling the conversion rate is a more realistic proposal than doubling the website search engine traffic, and it all starts with creating a convincing e-commerce Call to Action. Here are essential features of an engaging Call to Action. 

Urgency increases conversion rate #

When customers feel an opportunity is limited, they might be more likely to buy. For instance, if a Call to Action includes a line of copy that says “Buy now – only on sale up until midnight,” the visitors are more likely to turn into customers because they feel they might miss a good purchasing opportunity. 

Testing different color scheme maximizes the result #

An engaging e-commerce call to action should not merge with website design but should be evident and conspicuous. 

While no conclusive color converts best, it is essential to guarantee that e-commerce Call to Action has the color palette that resonates with the buyer persona and the brand. It’s great to make sure that CTA looks like a button and not just text. Many information and research studies reveal that buttons function well for routing site visitors to the checkout process. In practice, the following three colors of the CTA button have shown the best conversion rate:

  • Red: The most eye-catching color that stands out on most web pages
  • Green: Calming color associated with “Go” is a motivator for many customers
  • Orange or Yellow: Orange awakes an exciting and warm feel

A clear message within the CTA is vital for conversions #

Ensure the Call to Action button communicates what precisely happens if it’s clicked on. A fuzzy button message cannot force users to take the desired action. If users do not understand what will happen when they click the button, they will not click on it. Vague labels such as “Continue” and “Submit” should be avoided. 

The message within the button should be brief also. A simple and most common “buy now” and “add to cart” works well, although some powerful CTA phrases can be significant game-changers for conversion rate and e-commerce sales. It should also be tested in order to find messages that resonate with customers best. 

E-commerce Call to Action into the Above The Fold as a proven method #

Above the fold is a term used to define the area of a website, which is visible to the customer at first glance without scrolling. Crucial information along with the CTA should be placed Above the Fold. If online retailers can grab a site visitor’s interest at first peek, opportunities they’ll take the desired action dramatically increase along with the e-commerce sales. 

Defining an e-commerce Call to Action is half-art and half-science. The design should be attractive and engaging yet clear and simple at the same time. If online retailers follow the tactics we discussed in this article, they’ll be better positioned to make the visitors act on web pages.

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