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Instagram ads in e-commerce

Instagram is one of the easiest ways for e-commerce companies to promote their products and services. In addition to posting photos of products or services, the Instagram application also provides paid advertising.

Before creating an ad, Instagram will ask some questions to determine crucial information like the target audience, ad format, and budget. The company has a lot of options available to target users based on their interests, location, demographics, etc. After entering this information, Instagram will use an algorithm to promote paid advertising to the audience.

The price of advertising on Instagram depends on the company’s budget – the bigger it is, the more people an ad will reach.

3 important steps in creating an Instagram ad #

There are three most important steps for an e-commerce company to launch its Instagram ad.

  1. Having a Facebook page. Having Facebook is essential for creating Instagram ads. The companies define their target audience through Ads Manager.
  2. Adjusting the company campaign budget. The prices of Instagram ads will depend on how much the advertiser wants to spend on ad promotion. This application option is of great help, especially for new companies and small online stores, because they can always play with the budget and see its effect.
  3. Posting ads and reaching out to more people. Instagram will offer ad statistics so that the advertiser can analyze the campaign’s performance. It can see how many people interacted with the publication, their age, location, and many other things.

Why is Instagram excellent for e-commerce?  #

Over the past few years, customer behavior has shifted significantly towards Instagram. It has become the best platform for buyers to discover brand-new items. According to Liberty Interactive Marketing, 60% of customers seek out and find new items on Instagram. And also, with a massive audience of 500+ million active customers each day, it’s surely the ideal place to advertise e-commerce business and products. 

What are the costs of an Instagram ad? #

The cost for Instagram ads floats in between $0.70 to $1.00 per click. However, this depends on location, targeting, and exactly how the channel is configured. 

Instagram is also highly effective at driving impulse purchases, from lipsticks to interior design and also food. E-commerce brand names take advantage of the visual platform to motivate customers to enter the buying mood. However, many individuals won’t buy after just one Instagram ad.

What is an Instagram ad funnel? #

An Instagram ad funnel is a series of ad campaigns developed to take potential customers along the buyer’s journey, from total strangers to paying customers. The power of an Instagram ads funnel hinges on the capability to get to the best customers with the appropriate advertisement messaging and promotion at the appropriate moment. 

It’s a strategy made to attract brand-new customers right into your channel as well as offer appropriate advertisements at each stage, resulting in more customers and sales. The Instagram ads funnel 3 primary phases: 

  • Top of the Funnel (TOFU): Understanding stage 
  • Center of the Funnel (MOFU): Factor to consider phase 
  • Bottom of the Funnel (BOFU): Conversion/Purchase stage

E-commerce tips for Instagram ads #

The key to success is knowing how to advertise on Instagram since there are so many options to take advantage of. These tips for creating ads on Instagram can help e-commerce companies increase their campaign performance.

Photos should be high resolution: It is useless to upload a product image if the photo is blurred or pixelated. It is not recommended to take pictures with a mobile phone camera, no matter how good it is, but it is best to use a professional camera to make the product look good even when users zoom in on the picture.

Video clips are desirable: Instagram business ads are more successful if placed as videos than photos. E-commerce companies often make a GIF or video of about 30 seconds to explain their products.

Defining the target audience: There is no point in advertising dog and cat accessories to people who are not interested in animals or do not have pets. Companies need to know their audience well, analyze its taste and enter all that information when making an ad.

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