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Gamification in e-commerce

Gamification is implementing features from video games to other areas of activity, typically as an online marketing method to encourage user engagement. The objective of gamification is to impact the user’s behavior and increase his engagement.

Features of gamification #

The standard game-design components on which most well-known video games are based include the following: 

  • Visible progression – the user can recognize precisely how far he has come in a task, as an example revealing the percent. 
  • Ranking listing – the gamers or their points are displayed in a ranking list.
  • Reward – gamers are rewarded for executing specific tasks. For example, the avatar might be permitted to buy things that will undoubtedly be handy later in the game. 
  • Award – honors will undoubtedly be distributed for attaining specific objectives. 
  • Score – the players can rank each other.

Video game layout aspects have been included in marketing campaigns for some time. For instance, when food or drink carriers print a winning code on container covers of product packaging, which can then be checked and entered into a website to obtain a prize. The purpose of gamification is to provoke a modification in the individual’s behavior. In advertising, the objective is usually to enhance conversions and generate more revenue. 

Gamification in e-commerce retail business #

According to Boston Retail Partners, 9 out of 10 sellers aim to use gamification to engage with their customers. If you are not using gamification or ingenious brand-new methods to involve customers, you will risk losing business completely. 

To enhance sales, brand awareness, and customer loyalty, e-commerce retailers need to take a comprehensive summary of the individual experience and place the customer in the focus of what they do. Gamification in e-commerce is incredibly essential for utilizing and stretching the user period time to optimal effect. For example, in an ordinary two-minute session, it is not likely that the customer will be involved with any events on the web page, such as enrolling in a newsletter. Nevertheless, if you incorporate gamification, the customer can actively be involved with your website or mobile app to obtain a price cut, use it at the checkout, and ultimately save money. 

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