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Video marketing in e-commerce

Video marketing is a method of using video as a response to the reshaped demands of individuals regarding the absorption of content. Simply put, video marketing is producing video material in which the company informs individuals about its services and products, giving customers a chance to absorb content quickly by watching instead of reading it. 

Today’s most common practice is to give visitors a choice and provide them with the same content in written and video format. Additionally, search engine crawlers prefer videos and rank pages with video content better than those without it.

Advantages of video in marketing  #

If you want one quick, easy, and relatively inexpensive way to help boost the performance of e-commerce pages, video could be the answer. The popularity and success of video marketing are primarily due to the video content itself. Everyone loves videos, and here is why.

Video is easy to perceive #

It is clear that a video clip can consist of more info concerning a product’s characteristics and usage attributes by showing how they can be utilized or serviced. Typically people are tired of the effort; therefore, they search for even more relaxing means to obtain information. They favor seeing an analysis of complex guidelines instead of reading them. That is why the explanatory video is preferred. An essential indication to bear in mind is that people cannot touch the online products they are looking for. 

The companies can share pictures of the product so people can see what they are about to purchase, but it is challenging to tell specifically what the buyer will be obtaining from a photo alone. That is why video marketing is a powerful method of attaching purchasers and vendors. It isn’t the same as seeing the product face to face, but video material reduces the gap in the shopping experience between the physical and online stores.

Video is amusing  #

Everyone likes to laugh, which is one of the main advantages of video marketing. Along with helpful information or explanations, video clip advertising strategists recognize that a video can consist of jokes, funny memes, animation, and various other components to attract people’s interest. Helpful information will be perceived as much better if combined with entertaining content.

Video can transfer feelings  #

A video can add feeling and make the web content a lot more memorable. It is possible to emphasize the contrast that a customer has even more favorable emotions after a purchase of a particular item. Suppose a static image can show emotions only with a detailed smile, sad face, or specific body positions. In that case, a video clip can share many different emotional states a lot more clearly and brightly. 

Video can better explain the e-commerce company  #

Visitors will certainly convert more if they know exactly how the business works and functions. For that reason, video records from corporate events, actual operations in the workplace, behind the scenes, and so on will engage customers more and provide better visualization of products or services in order to win extra trust points. 

What is e-commerce video #

Online shopping is an amazing resource for increasingly hectic lives and grows every day. But e-commerce sites lack the tangibility and demonstration of real-life products that people get in stores. There is no salesperson or professional staff to present the product and convey information about the product to each customer’s unique situation. 

E-commerce lacks the human touch, and it is a video that can improve the buying experience, making online shopping more tangible and original. People who buy products with higher prices or technically complicated products such as professional camping equipment or electronics must thoroughly understand what they get in the box.

Advantages of video marketing in e-commerce #

Video can be the final step the customers take before closing their purchase. For that reason, a product video that highlights the product’s features and shows it in action can be ace in a sleeve for generating more profit. Video has been proven to:

  • boost conversion rates
  • grow revenue
  • increase traffic
  • influence buying decisions

According to Forbes, 90% of customers say that product video helps them make buying decisions! Plus, according to HubSpot, 97% of marketers say that video has helped increase user understanding of their product or service.

The rise of video as an advertising method seems inevitable. Almost 9 out of 10 individuals report wishing to see more video clips from brand names in 2022, making video an outstanding tool for lead generation and brand awareness. Video marketing has become widely preferred among both online marketers and their audiences, assisting in accomplishing many incredibly vital goals for every e-commerce business.

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